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Figurative art

A dictionary definition of "figurative art" defines it as a relating to representation by means of animal or human figures – representational rather than abstract, designating a style of painting (and sculpture) where the subjects are recognisable but perhaps not conventionally depicted.

Generally speaking any form of modern art which retains strong references to the real world can be defined as figurative. It should perhaps be mentioned that since historical times all art was figurative in one way or another. That said, the artist used his or her judgement to define what was seen. It could be called a form of stylisation, influenced by the cultural expectations of image that prevailed. Shapes and structures could be idealised to reflect the artist’s thoughts of beauty. To do this sometimes meant simplifying the form, perhaps even creating an abstract shape to refine the image.

Within figurative art there is an importance given to structure, shape, volume and perspective defined through the use of colour, tone, light and shade, though not necessarily used all together or all the time.

Figurative Art - The Cutter - Lorraine Calaora